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How it all began!

Years ago, a group of friends from Sydney, Australia ventured to Japan in pursuit of a week long holiday centred around drifting. Upon arrival at Ebisu Circuit, the group were blown away by the sheer magnitude of the surroundings and the number of different purpose-built tracks at their disposal. They drove everyday on each different course from Minami to North Circuit. Some of the group were learning at the time whilst others continued to refine their drifting skills. One particular member of the group, Matthew Hill went on from his time at Ebisu Circuit to become a professional in the sport of drifting, now competing internationally across Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Matt has since reflected on the time he spent at Ebisu Circuit and recognises it as being instrumental in the development of his drifting career. Everyone who spends time at Ebisu, immediately knows they have found a special place. The idea of creating an experience that helps make Ebisu and drifting accessible to more and more people, is what we are passionate about and we can't wait to share it with you. 

The Sideways Experience is an international drift school designed to enhance anyone’s drifting capabilities. Conceptualised in 2016 and now created in 2018, the SidewaysX team have perfected their school content, curriculum and tuition techniques. With the help of partners 4.Mance Automotive and Customer Cluster Development, SidewaysX have access to some of the best cars available at Ebisu, with four or more Toyota Chasers on offer at any one time. Our tuition caters to individuals with no experience behind the wheel of a drift car right up to advanced drivers looking to refine their skills and perhaps even improve their battle confidence through designated tandem sessions.  

SidewaysX features two lead instructors, namely Matthew Hill and Fausto Yukio. Fausto Yukio is a Japanese national who also shares his heritage with Brazil, speaking 3 languages including Japanese, Portuguese and English. Fausto has spent the last few years of his life, working and living at Ebisu Circuit. He is a skilled drifter, who knows the ins and outs of Ebisu Circuit like no other. Both Matt and Fausto hold current Formula Drift Japan Licences and will compete together as a team at the 2019 FD Japan series. 

At Sideways X we love what we do and are really proud to have created such an exciting, well-rounded experience making drifting accessible to all.  

We hope to see you soon at Ebisu!

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